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Discover how you can make the most out of your new website with oneWeb!

Getting Started

To ensure a smooth start with oneWeb, please check the following prerequisites:

  • Please use Workbench with Mozilla Firefox. If you have no Firefox browser on your AVC or computer please contact your IT.
  • Did you already receive your Partner Tool Chain (PTC) certificate? If not please contact your Program/Project Manager.
  • Did you get the chance to participate in our oneWeb Workbench training? If not please contact the oneWeb academy.
  • Are you familar with the new features of your oneWeb release?

Discover the Workbench

Allianz Sample Portal - sample-screen

Edit the sample page: We've created sample pages for you using the most popular components in oneWeb.You'll find them when you first log into the Workbench. Feel free to move things around and change them.They're there to help you understand how pages are built. Basic configurations are already set up like news teasers and the onsite search. 

Please note:
Since we are using HTTPS encryption for both the portal and the oneWeb Workbench out of security reasons it is necessary to accept a security warning when you first enter the oneWeb Workbench. This is not required for the portal because it is replaced by an external hosted certificate.

If you have not yet received the user credentials to access the oneWeb Workbench please contact your Program/Project Manager.

Getting Support

There is a lot to learn about the oneWeb Workbench. So for assistance you can either refer to the Wiki documentation, or contact one of the following support teams:


for all concrete certificate issues


if you need help with general issues regarding the partner toolchain, deployments, infrastructure issues and git repositories


for editorial questions within the Workbench

oneWeb Developer FAQ

if you want to know more about developing with oneWeb

Please have a look at the browser compatibility matrix, if you are interested in which browsers are supported by oneWeb .


If you are interested in oneWeb, we are really happy to invite you to join our oneWeb community. With this group we want to provide a communication platform to exchange information about oneWeb, to share and evaluate oneWeb features and to create expert groups about technical and professional subjects and projects.

We are glad to have you as a member!

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